I specialise in creating beautifully engaging video content that tells your story, shows your personality, and inspires viewers to get to know you. Whether you require a cinematic promotional film or are hosting an event that you would love to be viewed and shared to others, my filming style ensures the creation of a professional film that goes beyond simply being a selection of video clips; my work is about telling your story.


Once we have had our first meeting and I have found out all about your project and understand your business, vision, and goals, I begin the planning process. This can include creating concepts, writing scripts, booking locations, and creating shot lists and storyboards. 


This is when filming begins. Depending on your type of film, this may be a few hours of filming at one location or could be the first day of many to create the production. I provide all of the necessary equipment, including pro cameras, lights, audio recording, stabilisation rigs and more.  

post production

Once the filming work is completed it is time for me to begin the editing process to bring your film to life. In the planning stage you would be given a date that the first version of the film will be delivered to you  for viewing (this is usually 2 weeks after the last production day).  This is your time sit back and enjoy the work and to make note of any tweaks that you would like to be made in your round of ammendments.  

My work is created with intent, with a clear understanding of who its audience will be, and in the planning process we would have decided where this video will primarily be uploaded to. By understanding this from the start my work is tailored for your chosen video/social platform, which makes the organic reach of the video higher than a video created without such specified information.  


Please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation conversation to discuss the project that you have in mind and to find out how I could bring your ideas to life!