Top tips for planning a spring/summer wedding in Yorkshire!

The perfect wedding requires a whole lot of planning. To take some weight off of your shoulders here are a selection of quick tips to keep in mind while planning to create the Yorkshire wedding of the year!

1) What are your own personalities and hobbies like?

We’re all a bit different and weddings are perfect occasions to show off your own personalities in the type of wedding you decide to create. Do you want a very formal and traditional occasion? Or would you prefer a much more relaxed type of day that is full of your favorite music and laughter? This is such an important initial stage of planning your day, as it’ll inform the decisions you make throughout the whole planning process, from the type of venue you book, to the type of photographer that suits your personalities.

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2) Have an Unplugged Wedding.

Everyone owns their own camera these days, whether it is a DSLR, or the camera found of their phone. We all love capturing photos or videos to make sure we have something straight away to look back on or share with the world, but at weddings, and particularly during wedding ceremonies, some see this need to take photos have a negative effect on the taking in the moment. That’s why there’s a growing trend in couples using quirky signage to politely ask their guests not to use their phones and cameras during the ceremony, to help them unplug from their technology and be more present in the moment. After all, you’re going to be having a professional photographer at your wedding day and most pros ensure you receive a highlight gallery of 10-15 images a couple of days after the wedding! So put your iPad down, Susan, I’ve got it covered!

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3) Don’t underestimate the importance of a great DJ and Band.

Your evening entertainment is the pinnacle of your wedding day so you need to ensure the DJ and/or band are professional and know how to control a crowd and give them a night to remember. A great band will have plenty of live videos from weddings they’ve played at on their website, rather than just studio recordings. Ensure you see them before deciding who to book and only take recommendations from trusted sources.

To make sure you have to most options to choose from aim to have your band/DJ booked at least a year in advance. But, also keep in mind my next point…

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4) Don’t rush into decisions.

Although you feel as though the time is flying right past you, make sure all of your choices are thoroughly thought through, as it will save you more time in the long run. Instagram is a great place to check to see how active they are and usually you’re able to gain a greater idea of the supplier’s personality.  

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5) Who are you actually booking?

Always make sure there are names that go with the company you are booking from. For example, if you are booking a band through an agency, is the lead singer guaranteed to be the same one at your wedding? Or do they have a roster of singers that jump in and out when required? When someone books me for photography of their wedding, it is me, Andy, who is there for the whole day. However, some businesses run things differently and will supply an associate photographer for your wedding. Make sure you are aware of who will be photographing your day before making any bookings, as one photographer can vary greatly from another.

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6) Delegate jobs to others.

A great wedding planner takes away a lot of the mystery and stress of wedding planning, but whether you have one or not, you’re always going to have a lengthy list of jobs for yourself. To get through this list it’s really important to have people around you who are happy to help and to delegate jobs to them. Research is one of the biggest time takers, so simply by having a friend do a load of Googling to find 10 awesome cake suppliers for you to check out can hugely help you get straight to important stuff…like doing a load of cake tasting!

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7) Have a weekend of no wedding planning at all!

Sign out of your emails and have some me time. Wedding planning should be fun and exciting, so if you ever find things getting out of hand, take a well-earned break away from it all. When you come back you will be feeling refreshed with new ideas and excitement!


These are just a few quick tips to keep in mind while planning your awesome day. Keep an eye out on my other blog posts for more tips and to see what I’ve been getting up to!

Take care, Andy x