Just said 'YES!'? Now what? 5 quick Tips on where to go from here

1 . Selfie Time!

Let’s all be honest, you’ve probably already done this, but what the heck, post another! You’re engaged! Savor the moment and spread the word. If you have pets, why not think of a unique way to craft the perfect shot that’s personal to you. Spending a little time on this shot will be so worth it when looking back in years to come.

Andy Matheson Wedding Photographer

2 . Date of the Wedding

Of course, it’s early days to be deciding on a definitive date, but it’s best practice to discuss roughly when you both want to have the wedding early on. The choices of venue, photographers and other vendors can quickly become quite limiting when booking less than a year in advance. Certain close friends and family members may also have jobs/careers where they get booked up far in advance, or are planning holidays. The sooner you can announce the date, the easier the planning process will be.

Andy Matheson Wedding Photographer

3 . How’s that ring feeling on the hand?

It’s common to realise a week or so after wearing your engagement ring that the size could do with adjusting a little. Most jewelers that sold you your engagement ring also offer this service and it’s definitely one job to prioritise, especially if it’s too loose! Jewellery insurance is also worth considering too for extra protection.

4 . Mood Board Galore!

Now for the fun part! Time to get that pinterest account created and start searching for ideas. Instagram is also a great place to browse by searching for hashtags relevant to your wedding. Here are just a few examples if you’re planning a wedding in Yorkshire (replace Yorkshire with your county): #YorkshireWeddingInspiration #YorkshireWeddingSuppliers #YorkshireWeddingStylist

Try searching for the venues you have in mind too, such as #PrioryCottages #YorkshireWeddingBarn #TheTitheBarn

This way you get to see photos showing how different couples dressed the venue for their wedding and see which suppliers they used, which all helps to get a clearer idea in mind of how you want yours to look.

Instagram feed.jpg

5 . Finding the right suppliers

Florists, venues, bands, DJ’s, wedding planners, venue dressers, videographers, and of course photographers. It’s quite a list, right? There is a an abundance of suppliers within each category too, so the question is, where do you even start to look to find the people that are perfect for you?!

Google is always our first option to get some ideas together, so here are some tips to keep in mind when searching and once you’ve found some suppliers that you’re interested in.

  • The first options on a list of Google results are sponsored ads. This means that the supplier has paid to be at the top of the list, thereby they may not be the most relevant result to what you have searched for. Avoid clicking these and instead click on the 1st of the actual results below.

  • Once you find a supplier that you love the sound of, make sure you do your background checks. My favourite method is to check out their blog posts, instagram page, and instagram stories/highlights. These sections should be kept up to date by a business that is active and busy with work and can be a great insight into the work that they are producing. Alarm bells always start ringing for me when I can’t see much recent work being posted.

  • Who actually is the person behind the business that you are enquiring with? Are they the type of person that you would enjoy hanging out with? Do they share some of the same interests as you? Once again, instagram is a great place to see the behind the scenes of the business and see who it actually is running the show.

    e.g. If you’re planning a festival themed wedding, is the photographer a fan of music and festivals. You’re a big fan of 80’s rock music - does the band you’re looking at love playing these types of hits too? Sure, it’s not 100% necessary for each supplier to be fully like you, but given the option, I think it’s great to find some who ‘gets’ you and your plans.

    I also find it massively important to be on the same wavelength as the couples that book me regarding my style. I make sure from my initial messages that I send to clients that it is really clear of what type of photography I specialise in so that they know for certain what I am all about.

    Once you have enquired with a supplier how long has it taken them to get back to you? How personal are their emails? You want to have a team of suppliers working on your wedding that are fully invested in you and what you want to create. This means they should be emailing back within 24 hours, being friendly in their correspondence, always giving you all the information that you require, and generally being open to helping you along the planning process in any way that is necessary.

So there you have it! Just a few quick tips to keep in mind whilst getting the wedding planning ball rolling. If I can help in anyway, feel free to drop me and email or enquire through my form by clicking below!